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Surge Protector

 Shimatsu Completed Electric-power Equipment Co.,LTd. is the best Japan surge protector manufacturer and supplier, as a professional company, we have our own factory. Welcome to wholesale surge protector, surge arrester, surge protector, surge suppressor, surge protective device, surge protection products from us.

We present DFL series surge protector to prevent critical electrical devices from high danger of loss when lightning occurs in 220V single phase and 380V three phase systems. It employs advanced lightning protection technique of world and high quality device for lightning protection and assembled with sophisticated process.As the power line is attacked by lightning, the induced huge pulse current and high surge over-voltage at the power line can instantaneously release into earth, therefore the Shimatsu electronic equipments have effectively protected from lightning.

High rated discharge capacity, withstand up to 8/20ns 80KA lightning surge current.
Fast response time: ≤ 25 ns.
Easy installation: It is simply parallel ground connection installation.
LED display: Indicates operation status, and can understand clear at a glance.
Repeat useable: Can repeat normally work after frequent lightning.
Maintenance - free: Satisfy the demand of remote unmanned operated station.
Long life: Operation life up to 20 years.

Sensitive electronic equipments
Data centers
Telecom centers
UPS rooms
Intelligent mansions
Medical institutes